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The American Football Conference (AFC)-AFC South

Last Update: 3/11/2024 4:36:36 AM

  1. Houston Texans
  2. Indianapolis Colts
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars
  4. Tennessee Titans

Houston Texans


History: The Texans are the NFL's youngest franchise, having been founded in 2002 as an expansion team.

Expansion Team Challenges: The Texans faced the typical struggles of an expansion team: building a roster from scratch, developing young talent, and establishing a winning culture. Their early years were marked by inconsistency and losing seasons.

Offensive Fireworks, Defensive Woes: The Texans have often featured high-powered offenses led by players like Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Matt Schaub. However, building a consistently strong defense has proved more elusive.

The Impact of J.J. Watt: J.J. Watt's dominance as a defensive end made him the cornerstone of the franchise for many years, but his departure left a void that has been difficult to fill.

Searching for a Franchise QB: The Deshaun Watson saga has defined the Texans' recent history, creating instability and uncertainty at the most important position in the sport.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Their colors are navy blue, red, and white. The logo features a bull's head with the Texas lone star prominently displayed. Toro is their bull mascot.

Stadium: NRG Stadium (Houston, TX)

Historical Matches:

Their first-ever regular season win in 2002, a thrilling come-from-behind victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Playoff appearances from 2011-2019, including several AFC Divisional round matchups.

Legendary Players:

Andre Johnson (WR)

Arian Foster (RB)

J.J. Watt (DE)

Deshaun Watson (QB - his off-field controversies cast a shadow on his legacy)

Notable Activities: Pre-game tailgating activities in Houston are known for their energy and unique Texas flair.

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Indianapolis Colts


History: The Colts started in Baltimore in 1953 but famously relocated to Indianapolis in 1984.

The Baltimore Legacy: The Colts' history must acknowledge their time in Baltimore. Their success in the 1950s and 60s, including the legendary Johnny Unitas era, is still a part of the franchise's story even if controversial for Baltimore fans.

The Peyton Manning Era: Manning's arrival as a top draft pick revolutionized the Colts. His precision passing, pre-snap adjustments, and on-field leadership propelled them to an extended period of dominance, transforming them from perennial underdogs to an offensive juggernaut.

Rebuilding Shifts: The post-Manning era has been marked by rebuilding phases. Finding Andrew Luck's successor at quarterback, and adjusting to a more balanced offensive style (rather than the pass-heavy Manning years) have been key focuses.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: They sport blue and white. The logo is a simple horseshoe. "Blue" is their horse mascot.

Stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis, IN)

Historical Matches:

Super Bowl XLI win (2006) with Peyton Manning at quarterback.

Numerous epic battles between Peyton Manning's Colts and Tom Brady's Patriots, defining a historic NFL rivalry.

The "4th and 2" controversial decision in a 2009 game against the Patriots.

Legendary Players:

Johnny Unitas (QB – Baltimore era)

Peyton Manning (QB)

Marvin Harrison (WR)

Reggie Wayne (WR)

Dwight Freeney (DE)

Notable Activities: Fans are known for waving white flags when the Colts are on defense.

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Jacksonville Jaguars


History: Founded in 1995 as an expansion team.

Early Playoff Contenders: The Jaguars achieved surprisingly quick success as an expansion team, reaching the AFC Championship game in just their second season. However, they were unable to sustain this early momentum.

Spotlight and Struggles: Despite periodic playoff appearances, the Jaguars have largely been defined by inconsistency. They've showcased exciting talent like Maurice Jones-Drew and exciting young teams but also have endured long stretches of poor results.

Small Market Challenges: Jacksonville represents a smaller market, potentially making it harder to attract and retain top free agents and to build a consistently competitive team.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Colors are teal, black, gold, and white. The logo depicts a growling jaguar head. Their mascot is Jaxson de Ville, a jaguar.

Stadium: TIAA Bank Field (Jacksonville, FL)

Historical Matches:

Reaching the AFC Championship game twice in their first five seasons (1996, 1999).

More recently, an improbable playoff run in 2017 which ended in the AFC title game.

Legendary Players:

Mark Brunell (QB)

Jimmy Smith (WR)

Fred Taylor (RB)

Tony Boselli (OT)

Maurice Jones-Drew (RB)

Notable Activities: Home games used to feature a swimming pool and cabanas in one end zone.

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Tennessee Titans


History: Founded in 1960 as the Houston Oilers in the AFL, they won two AFL championships. The team relocated to Tennessee in 1997, becoming the Tennessee Oilers for two seasons before changing their name to the Titans in 1999.

Identity Shift: Their relocation from Houston to Tennessee was a major turning point. The Oilers' history, while important, had to be adapted for their new city. Rebranding themselves as the Titans was a pivotal step.

Hard-nosed & Physical: The Titans have often embodied a blue-collar, smashmouth football identity. Their legacy includes tough running backs like Eddie George and Derrick Henry, and defenses that are hard-hitting and opportunistic.

Flashes of Brilliance: The Titans have experienced bursts of greatness, like their thrilling Super Bowl run in 1999 and the "Music City Miracle" playoff moment. However, sustaining that level of success over multiple years has proven difficult.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Colors are navy blue, Titans blue, red, silver, and white. The logo features a circle with three stars (representing the three divisions of Tennessee) and fire representing strength and courage. T-Rac is their raccoon mascot.

Stadium: Nissan Stadium (Nashville, TN)

Historical Matches:

Super Bowl XXXIV (1999) where the Titans fell just short, losing by a yard in the final play.

The "Music City Miracle" (2000 Wildcard Playoff) – a thrilling last-second lateral pass for a game-winning touchdown.

Legendary Players:

Warren Moon (QB – Oilers era)

Steve McNair (QB)

Eddie George (RB)

Derrick Henry (RB - Current Star)

Notable Activities: Tennessee is a strong football state. The Titans enjoy loud, energetic fan support and an atmosphere influenced by Nashville's music scene.

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