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The American Football Conference (AFC)-AFC West

Last Update: 3/11/2024 4:41:52 AM

  1. Denver Broncos
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Las Vegas Raiders
  4. Los Angeles Chargers

1. Denver Broncos


History: Founded in 1960 as a charter member of the AFL, the Broncos merged into the NFL in 1970.

AFL vs. NFL: As an original AFL team, the Broncos initially struggled against established NFL franchises after the merger. Their first winning season didn't come until 1973.

The Orange Crush Defense: Denver's success in the late 1970s was anchored by their dominant defense nicknamed the "Orange Crush," which led them to their first Super Bowl appearance.

Quarterback Importance: John Elway's arrival in 1983 redefined the franchise. His leadership, late-game heroics, and consistent playoff appearances transformed them into perennial contenders. The Peyton Manning era highlighted how finding another top-tier QB allowed them to reach Super Bowl heights again.

Mile High Advantage: Denver's home stadium provides a distinct advantage due to its high altitude, impacting opponents' stamina and potentially influencing playcalling.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Their colors are predominantly orange, with navy blue and white. The logo features a bucking bronco. "Thunder" is their horse mascot, and "Miles" is a more cartoonish costumed mascot.

Stadium: Empower Field at Mile High (Denver, CO)

Historical Matches:

The "Elway-led" Super Bowl victories (1997, 1998), breaking a Super Bowl losing streak.

Five AFC Championship appearances in the 1980s, led by John Elway.

The Peyton Manning era Super Bowl win in 2015.

Legendary Players:

John Elway (QB)

Terrell Davis (RB)

Shannon Sharpe (TE)

Peyton Manning (QB)

Champ Bailey (CB)

Von Miller (LB)

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Notable Activities: Denver's high altitude creates a home-field advantage. Fans are known for their "Incomplete!" chant when opposing quarterbacks throw incomplete passes.

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2. Kansas City Chiefs


History: Established in 1959 as the Dallas Texans (AFL). In 1963, they relocated to Kansas City and became the Chiefs. Merged with the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

Hank Stram and AFL Innovation: Coach Hank Stram was instrumental in shaping the Chiefs' early identity and the AFL as a whole. He embraced offensive innovation, trick plays, and the wide-open passing game characteristic of the AFL.

Defensive Dominance to Offensive Powerhouse: The Super Bowl IV-winning team was known for its stifling defense, but recent Chiefs teams have become offensive juggernauts, thanks to the Andy Reid-Patrick Mahomes connection, revolutionizing offensive playcalling in the modern NFL.

Playoff Frustration: Between their Super Bowl IV win and their 2019 victory, the Chiefs endured a lengthy Super Bowl drought, often marked by heartbreaking playoff losses.

Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Their colors are red, gold, and white. The logo features an arrowhead with the letters "KC" interlocked. K.C. Wolf is their mascot.

Stadium: Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, MO)

Historical Matches

Super Bowl IV victory (1970) over the Minnesota Vikings.

Recent Super Bowl victories (2019, 2023) led by Patrick Mahomes.

The "No Punt Game" against the Colts (1996 playoffs), a bizarre shootout.

Legendary Players:

Len Dawson (QB)

Derrick Thomas (LB)

Tony Gonzalez (TE)

Patrick Mahomes (QB - Current Star)

Travis Kelce (TE - Current Star)

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Notable Activities: Arrowhead Stadium is renowned for its loud and passionate fans, often setting records for the loudest outdoor stadium. Red-clad fans create an intimidating "sea of red."

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3. Las Vegas Raiders


History: Founded in 1960 as the Oakland Raiders (AFL). They've had stints in Los Angeles (1982-1994) and Las Vegas (2020-present) while retaining a devoted following.

Rebel Image: The Raiders have cultivated a rebellious and intimidating reputation since their early days. This "bad boy" image is reflected in their silver and black color scheme and on-field aggressiveness, embraced by their loyal fan base.

Commitment to Excellence: The Al Davis era was synonymous with a "Just Win, Baby" mentality. Davis demanded excellence, leading to Super Bowl dominance and fueling numerous rivalries.

Relocation Impacts: Moving between Oakland, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas has created challenges. They maintain a strong following in multiple cities but have had to adapt to changing fan bases and build new stadiums.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Silver and black are their iconic colors. The logo features a shield with a pirate/raider wearing an eye patch and crossed swords. No official mascot.

Stadium: Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas, NV)

Historical Matches

Three Super Bowl victories (1976, 1980, 1983).

The "Sea of Hands" playoff victory (1974) against the Dolphins.

Countless thrilling plays tied to their rebellious, tough-guy image.

Legendary Players:

Jim Plunkett (QB)

Marcus Allen (RB)

Ken Stabler (QB)

John Madden (Coach)

Bo Jackson (RB)

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Notable Activities: The "Black Hole" – a section of devoted Raiders fans in Oakland known for their elaborate costumes and raucous energy. Las Vegas is adapting this tradition.

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4. Los Angeles Chargers


History: Founded in 1960 in Los Angeles (AFL). They moved to San Diego in 1961 and returned to LA in 2017.

Air Coryell: The late 1970s and early 1980s Chargers, under coach Don Coryell, were known for their high-flying passing offense dubbed "Air Coryell." This system revolutionized offensive football and is still influential today.

Super Bowl Misfortune: The Chargers' lone Super Bowl appearance resulted in a heartbreaking loss despite their potent offense. They’ve often been a talented team hampered by bad luck and crucial mistakes in big moments.

Identity Shift: Their move from San Diego to Los Angeles forced the Chargers to re-establish themselves in a new market. They've struggled to attract a large fan base in LA, often playing in stadiums filled with opposing teams' fans.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Colors are powder blue, gold, navy blue, and white. The logo is a lightning bolt. Boltman is their mascot.

Stadium: SoFi Stadium (Inglewood, CA)

Historical Matches:

The "Holy Roller" (1978), a controversial fumble play leading to a winning TD against the Raiders.

Their lone Super Bowl appearance (1994) loss to the 49ers.

Legendary Players:

Dan Fouts (QB)

Kellen Winslow (TE)

Junior Seau (LB)

LaDainian Tomlinson (RB)

Philip Rivers (QB)

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Notable Activities: Their "Powder Blue" uniforms are iconic. They’ve struggled to establish a strong fan base in Los Angeles since their recent relocation.

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