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The National Football Conference (NFC)-NFC South

Last Update: 3/11/2024 7:14:14 AM

  1. Atlanta Falcons
  2. Carolina Panthers
  3. New Orleans Saints
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Atlanta Falcons


History: Founded in 1965 as an expansion team. Known for periods of exciting play countered by years of inconsistency.

Boom or Bust: The Falcons' history has been marked by extremes: thrilling, high-scoring offenses that could struggle to finish games, alongside stout defenses that lacked offensive support. This inconsistency has hindered them from achieving prolonged success.

Draft Mishaps: While boasting talented players, the Falcons have made notable draft mistakes, passing on potential stars for players who didn't pan out. These decisions have limited their long-term roster building.

Capitalizing on Windows: The Falcons' best periods, like their late '90s Super Bowl run and the 2016 NFC Championship team, were built around specific groups of talent. They haven't yet found the formula to consistently sustain those peaks.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Colors are red, black, silver, and white. The logo depicts a stylized falcon in flight. Freddie Falcon is their mascot.

Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta, GA)

Historical Matches:

Super Bowl XXXIII appearance (1998) loss to the Denver Broncos.

The 28-3 blown lead in Super Bowl LI (2016) against the Patriots.

The NFC Championship comeback victory over the Green Bay Packers (2016).

Legendary Players:

Deion Sanders (CB)

Steve Bartkowski (QB)

Michael Vick (QB)

Matt Ryan (QB)

Julio Jones (WR)

Notable Activities: The "Dirty Bird" touchdown celebration became a symbol of the Falcons' high-flying era of the late 1990s.


Atlanta Falcons Collection

Carolina Panthers


History: Founded in 1995 as an expansion team, reaching prominence quickly.

Expansion Team Success: Unlike many young NFL teams, the Panthers quickly became competitive. They reached the NFC Championship in their second season, demonstrating the impact of strong ownership and coaching.

Cam Newton's Influence: Cam Newton's dual-threat abilities redefined the Panthers' offensive identity. Their success was heavily reliant on his unique playmaking, making them somewhat predictable and also vulnerable to injuries hindering his effectiveness.

Defensive Foundation: While known for Newton's era, the Panthers were built on a hard-hitting, Luke Kuechly-led defense. Their best seasons featured a balance of that defensive dominance with Newton's explosive plays.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Colors are black, process blue (a specific shade), silver, and white. The logo is a stylized, snarling panther. Sir Purr is their mascot.

Stadium: Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)

Historical Matches:

Super Bowl XXXVIII appearance (2003) loss to the Patriots in a thrilling game.

Super Bowl 50 appearance (2015) loss to the Broncos.

The 2015 15-1 regular season, led by the charismatic Cam Newton.

Legendary Players:

Cam Newton (QB)

Steve Smith Sr. (WR)

Sam Mills (LB)

Luke Kuechly (LB)

Notable Activities: The "Keep Pounding" motto, adopted in honor of player/coach Sam Mills, reflects the team's resilient spirit.

Carolina Panthers Collection

New Orleans Saints


History: Founded in 1967. Known for passionate fans and a team that embodies the vibrant culture of New Orleans.

Long Road to Success: The Saints endured decades of losing seasons before finding success. This made their Super Bowl XLIV victory even sweeter, symbolizing resilience and perseverance for their dedicated fanbase.

The Sean Payton - Drew Brees Era: This coach-quarterback duo revitalized the Saints. Payton's innovative, pass-centric offense perfectly matched Brees's precision and decision-making. Their long-term partnership created a high-powered offense for many years.

Hurricane Katrina's Impact: The 2005 hurricane significantly disrupted the team and the city. The Saints' "Domecoming" symbolized a beacon of hope, uniting the city and fueling their successful 2006 season.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Colors are black, old gold, and white. The logo is a stylized fleur-de-lis symbol. Gumbo the Dog and Sir Saint are their mascots.

Stadium: Caesars Superdome (New Orleans, LA)

Historical Matches:

Super Bowl XLIV victory (2009) over the Colts, bringing hope to post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.

The "Domecoming" (2006) their return to the Superdome after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Legendary Players:

Drew Brees (QB)

Archie Manning (QB)

Rickey Jackson (LB)

Sean Payton (Coach)

Notable Activities: The "Who Dat?" chant is a staple. The pre-game "Second Line" parade reflects the city's celebratory spirit.

 New Orleans Saints Collection

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


History: Founded in 1976 with early years marked by futility. They rose to prominence in the late 90s onward.

Years of Ineptitude: The Bucs were infamous for an extended period of losing, including a record-breaking losing streak. This made their later success more surprising and impactful.

Defense Wins Championships Mindset: The 2002 Super Bowl title team was built on a historically dominant, Tony Dungy-schemed defense. This established a championship blueprint that focused on a defensive identity.

The Tom Brady Effect: Brady's arrival transformed the Bucs overnight. Not only his on-field impact, but also his veteran leadership and winning culture shifted the organization from perennial losers to champions.


Colors, Logo, and Mascot: Originally orange and white. Now they use red, pewter, black and white. The logo is a stylized skull-and-crossbones pirate flag. Captain Fear is their mascot.

Stadium: Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, FL)

Historical Matches:

Super Bowl XXXVII victory (2002) fueled by a dominant defense.

Super Bowl LV victory (2020) led by Tom Brady's veteran leadership.

Legendary Players:

Warren Sapp (DT)

Derrick Brooks (LB)

John Lynch (S)

Lee Roy Selmon (DE)

Tom Brady (QB)

Notable Activities: The firing of cannons in the stadium after Buccaneers touchdowns adds to the celebratory gameday atmosphere.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Collection

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